Export strategy for Veneto's Agrifood system production

Il progetto, valorizzando alcuni punti chiave del Piano Operativo della RIR INNOSAP, è finalizzato a caratterizzare e promuovere, in ambito internazionale, secondo una logica di marketing strategico e territoriale, alcuni marchi e produzioni Agrifood d'eccellenza del veronese (produzioni vinicole D.O.C, D.O.C.G/D.O.P e I.G.P, risicole I.G.P, D.O.P of dairy products, high quality extra virgin olive oil Veneto Valpolicella D.O.P, Veneto Valpolicella D.O.P, Organic, Garda D.O.P.), denominated as "Specialty Food" or "Specialty Food" -Zao, (2012), 'icon products' in view of luxury marketing, experiential consumption and luxury. The intervention

The cross-sectoral development path for the Export, identifying partner companies in different types of activities:
- international firms consultancy (feasibility studies, analysis aimed to draw up export plans, search for production, discover commercial partners, spot international contracts, customs and tax constraints, services related to "Online Shop"), technicians and export managers with skills and experience in the target market; 
- Export market consultancy;

(Cibus/Parma; Bellavita Fair/Warsaw; Helsinki and Moscow Fair, Food Fancy
Show in New York, Chinese fairs in Chengdu Qingtian Hangzhou Qingdao; Korean fairs to be identified etc.).
- A participation plan aimed at international Agrifood and Food Tourism fairs, in Italy and abroad (Cibus/Parma; Fiera Bellavita/Warsaw; Helsinki and Moscow Fair, New York Food Fancy Show, Chinese Fairs, etc.).
Show in New York, Chinese fairs in Chengdu Qingtian Hangzhou Qingdao; Korean fairs to be identified, etc.).
- The design and implementation, in the territory of the RIR, of incoming initiatives of potential foreign buyers.

TOTAL GRANTED € 477,513.60
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Smart Agrifood


Food processing industries



Agricultural Mechanics

Food Mechanics



Advanced production systems

Industrial biotechnology


Energy efficiency

Environmental sustainability


1. Development of precision agriculture and animal husbandry

2. Development of efficient products, equipment and technologies for organic farming

3. Resources for innovation in nutritional status and environmentally sustainable crop protection.

4. Recovery of by-products from production/processing activities in the agri-food chain

5. Innovative and more sustainable packaging for agri-food products

6. Improving the health and wellbeing of consumers through foods that provide useful and functional elements to improve health

7, Development of innovative systems for food processing

8. Product identity