INNOSAP is one of the Regional Innovative Networks committed to promoting the strengthening of the competitive enterprises and the development models in partnership with regional research bodies by introducing the obligation to work on system projects (Law n.13 of 30 May 2014). It regulates the criteria and methods for implementing interventions, initiatives to be undertaken by industrial districts and business combinations through its legal body.

The Innovative Network INNOSAP is recognised by the Veneto Region with Resolution n.1748/2016, it is focused on the Agrifood sector and its dynamics.
It enhances the business and professional needs of about 104 SMEs and large companies in the agri-food sector (agriculture, wine, fruit and vegetables, rice, olive oil, dairy, livestock) and related industries (machinery and plant manufacturers, service providers, technology, etc.), research centres and local institutions.

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The Innovative Network INNOSAP interprets and implements the values and guidelines of the Intelligent Strategies for Research and Innovation provided by the European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 in the macro areas of "Smart Agrifood" and "Smart Manufacturing".
The interconnections with the Smart Specialisations correspond to the framework of general objectives that are being analysed in order to consider the evolution and "physiological" potential of the Network.
The priorities defined during the summer of 2017, in the start-up phase of the operation of the RIR, have been refocused over the years, deepening in particular, the enhancement of eco-sustainable issues. As is physiological, more generally, the target results are subject to expansion, deepening and/or revision.
Moreover, as a result of the dissemination of Covid-19, since March 2020 RIR has focused even more on supporting an increase in the propensity of member companies to invest in research and development activities. The current health emergency leads to a new orientation in terms of the purpose of research and development interventions, and is oriented towards producing results useful for the creation of products, services and the development of technologies capable of reinterpreting new challenges and a possible transition to a new industrial paradigm.
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