Development Programme 2017-2022

The Network's Road Map: Objectives, timetable for achieving them, development and dissemination activities.

The INNOSAP Innovative Network interprets and implements the values and guidelines of the Intelligent Strategies for Research and Innovation provided by the European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 in the macro areas of "Smart Agrifood" and "Smart Manufacturing". The interconnections with the Smart Specialisations, to which correspond general objectives to be monitored and "physiological" evolution potential of the Network,

The priorities defined during the summer of 2017, in the start-up phase of the operation of the RIR, have been refocused over the years, deepening in particular, the enhancement of eco-sustainable issues. As is physiological, more generally, the target results are subject to expansion, deepening and/or revision.

Moreover, as a result of the dissemination of Covid-19, since March 2020, the RIR has focused even more on supporting an increase in the propensity of member companies to invest in research and development activities. The current health emergency leads to a new orientation in terms of the purpose of research and development interventions, and is oriented towards producing results useful for the creation of products, services and the development of technologies capable of reinterpreting new challenges and a possible transition to a new industrial paradigm.

The general, specific and transversal objectives of the RIR can be conceptualised as follows:

Active support by focusing on the integration of different strategies [R&D, internationalisation, search for new distribution channels, continuous professional training].


Developing innovative plant production systems through eco-sustainable and efficient methodologies, technologies and good practices in viticulture, olive-growing, fruit and vegetables and animal husbandry that respect human and animal health and welfare, contributing to Active Ageing;


Orienting companies towards risk diversification, through access to new products and services and opening up related market niches


Developing methodologies, technologies and good practices in general agri-food processing that are innovative and consistent with the demands of the B2B and B2C markets; developing new production strategies, studying and implementing eco-sustainable packaging to improve product life, etc.


Participate in Regional and, if possible, also National Technical Tables on emerging issues with the aim of adequately representing business needs at institutional level.


Recognition and enhancement of the agricultural and agri-tourism vocation of the territories combined with the cultural, economic and social identity of the productions.

Agriculture 4.0

Promotion of agriculture 4.0 (rice growing, viticulture, olive growing, precision fruit and vegetable growing);

Environment Crop

Implementation of appropriate decision support systems [DSS], IT tools that generate, through sensors or scouting activities, an integrated system of information on key crop aspects.

Made in Italy

Strengthening of the marketing strategies of the member companies, focusing on the enhancement of Made in Italy,


Promoting the territorial economic system growth with the cooperation of RIR INNOSAP, communicate the related data.

- Pesticides

The tendency is to reduce the quantity of products dedicated to sanitary protection. The use of these sanitary products over the years has led to a progressive accumulation of these compounds in agricultural soils with serious repercussions on soil fertility factors.


Rationalisation of management, organisational, processing, conservation and marketing processes B2B and B2C of wine products


Enhancement of the value of company, range and product brands as an expression of a "terroir", of regional and local knowledge and traditions;


Defence and/or enhancement of the competitive advantage of the vocational areas of Triveneto.


Promotion of typical regional products, with socio-cultural as well as economic value.

Funded projects

Agriculture 5.0

Innovation, Experimental development, Technological development
Agriculture 5.0

F.A & F.A

Innovation, Industrial research, Technological development
F.A & F.A




Innovation, Industrial research, Technological development


Innovation, Industrial research, Technological development


Innovation, Industrial research, Technological development